Today's Featured Collections

New Nest

Decorating is a breeze with gorgeous homewares in easy white, warm wood and cool chrome. From Egyptian cotton towels to bamboo chopping boards & more, feather your new nest for 20% less at Target on eBay. Offer ends Tuesday, 2 June.

Sporting Gear

Show your true colours as we get stuck into the business end of the season. From official jerseys to cute little kid onesies, fire up and get set to support your team!

Scandi Office

Warm wood, geometric prints and pops of pastel make up this collection of Scandi-inspired office supplies. From quirky clocks to pretty pencil cases, these cheerful products will lift your space as well as your spirits.

Shibori Style

Explore the ancient art of Shibori with this collection of stunning homewares in indigo, white and cobalt blue. From duvet covers to dazzling wall hangings, tea sets & more, add a touch of tradition to your home with these embellished Japanese-inspired accessories and textiles.

Scandi Kids

Mix soft pastels and white wood with tiny splashes of gold for a stylish Scandi-inspired kid’s room. From polka dots to geometric triangles, create the perfect sleep and play space with these sweet picks.

New Nordic

Pair metallic accents with pops of happy yellow, light grey and powder pink for a look that’s light, bright and seriously Scandi. Whether you want to redecorate or simply add finishing touches, look no further than the new Nordic trend for your next home project.

Coffee Connoisseur

Create cafe quality coffee at home with this collection of plungers, pots and percolators. Cold drip or hot cuppa, French press or Turkish pot - whatever your tastes, find everything you need for the perfect brew.

Natural Beauty

Layer up with luxe knits, cosy coats and warm woolens with these stunning staples from St Frock. From tailored trench-coats to super soft sweaters, find everything you need to keep warm in winter right here.

Luxe Fitness

Shop performance pieces of style and substance in this collection of statement fitness wear. From Stella McCartney kicks to neoprene tights, show your flare for fashion whether you’re on the field or off.

Minimal Jewellery

Dainty rings, barely there chains and tiny studs make up this curation of stunning, minimalistic jewellery. Whether it’s a set of stackable rings or a beautiful bar necklace, make any outfit look refined with these chic styles.

Sporting Style

Mix and match stylish kicks with patterned tights, bold tees and accessories in playful pops of colour. From the stripes on your sneakers to the straps of your singlet, find all you need for chic sports style here.

Wooden it Be Nice

Banish your playroom from tacky plastics, bright stickers and flashing lights. Reclaim and replenish with wonderful wooden toys which are natural, environmentally friend and a lot easier on the eye.