Today's featured collections

Geo Home

Add some faceted fascination to your home with this collection of bold and angular homewares. Make a statement with graphic geometric prints, wired furniture and sculptural accessories.

Look Good in Leather

Get ready for leather weather with this collection of standout fashion and accessories. Instantly toughen your look with leather and leather-look motorcycle jackets, statement boots and tailored skirts. Mix and match with soft textures like lace and denim for a contemporary twist or go bold with a complete leather look.

Trail Blazer

Get a $50 Voucher when you spend $150 at the Kathmandu eBay store. From high performance outerwear to classic leather boots, get soul-searching with this collection of stylish and functional winter gear.

Camping with Kids

Get a $50 Voucher when you spend $150 at the Kathmandu eBay store. T&Cs apply. Then hit the frog and toad with this collection of Aussie camping essentials from Kathmandu.


Utilise shadowing and highlighting to define and shape your features in the most flattering ways. Give the illusion of fuller lips, higher cheekbones and a slimmer face with this collection of top contour kits and blending tools.

Baby Cool

Discover the trendiest toys, fashion and accessories with this collection of contemporary nursery finds. From tiny sneakers to decked-out decor, you’ll find everything you need to create your own super-styled mini-me, right here.

Tribal Home

Bring your home to life with colour and worldly delights. Pay homage to interesting and historic cultures around the world by mixing bold colours and prints with natural fibres like jute and timber - and don’t forget the statement rug.

Scandi Home

Add a contemporary twist to your home with these light and bright pieces of furniture and homewares. Mix black and white with light wood, grey and beige to create a stylish Scandinavian inspired space. Easy updates like new cushions and lamps are an affordable way to bring this look to life. Or make a statement by upgrading key pieces like sofas, desks and side chairs and bring some serious Scandi chic into your home.

Take The Plunge

This look is not for the faint hearted, but there are plenty of helpful tips to keep you looking sophisticated, modest and chic. A deep neckline is quite the bold statement, so balance it out with simple accessories and a longer hemline. Wear with confidence by making use of clever undergarments such as stick-on bras and fashion tape to ensure everything stays in place.


Pokémania has officially hit again in 2016. We've rounded up the best of all things Pokémon - everything a Pokétrainer could ever want!

Calm Retreat

Create a calm place for escape with this collection of serene furniture and accessories. With our increasingly busy lifestyles it's becoming more important for us all to take time out. Whether you have a whole room or just a corner to work with - any space in your home can be relaxing.

Pet Parade

Put their best paw forward in this collection four legged fashions. Keep your furry friend warm in the winter, dry in the rain and stylish on the street with coats, vests and statement collars.

Café Racer

Restore your ride to its former glory with this collection of retro-inspired motorcycle accessories. Whether you’re doing a full custom build or adding a few finishing touches, you’ll find everything you need to add a touch of vintage style to your bike here.

Effortless Elegance

Superb shearling, lush Merino and relaxed tailoring lead the way in this collection of beautiful basics. From durable Chelsea boots to super soft wool, create an effortlessly chic look with these stylish essentials.

Build Your Own PC

Get control over every single aspect of the hardware. Not only will you get to choose your own processing and graphical capabilities, but also case design and cooling features.

Splendour in Style

Rock out to your favourite bands in this collection of on-trend festival supplies. Soak up the atmosphere at Splendour with super cool staples. From fashion-forward frames to trusty gumboots, find all you need to take on the festival in style.