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    Published bywalter_eigner
    Coin Grading Guide

    One of those most difficult, yet paramount concerns for the coin collector is grading. To the collector this will help him find the best coin of his desired type for his collection. To the investor, this...

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    A Look at the Australian Gold Sovereign

    Australa has long been amoung the largest gold-producing nations in the world. This fact is reflected in the level of international demand for our gold coins, many numismatists regard gold sovereigns as...

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    1981 Australian 20 cent 3.5 claw canadian mint mark

    How to identify the Australian 1981 20 cent Canadian minted 3.5 claw mint mark die variety coin. Canada minted 50,000,000 % 3.5 claw unknown, Must be all 50 mil cause I have only found coins with the 3...

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