About Batman Arkham City

Following the hugely successful Batman Arkham Asylum , Batman returns in this highly tense, all action sequel. Gotham City’s vagabonds, gangsters and lunatics have been re-housed inside the walls of a new super-compound in the city, designed to withhold its occupants; it is the Batman’s long standing duty to ensure peace. In typical Batman style, however, it’s never going to pass without incident. In the age of interactive game-play, you can play as Batman or Catwoman, in this third person action adventure. During this nerve wracking sequel, the user is encouraged to use stealth and intelligence to navigate through the games obstacles, overcoming bloody street brawls and game changing decisions with the introduction of a new forensic analytical feature. Think LA Noire meets Unchartered , and you’re only half way near imagining the tense, gripping nature of Batman Arkham City . Over the years, the Batman brand has brought about a host of iconic characters, so you should be prepared to get re-acquainted. Throughout Arkham City, you’re likely to bump into the Riddler, the Penguin, Two Face and that infamous villain, The Joker. Batman Arkham City was widely regarded as one of the top gaming experiences of 2011, and one of the greatest Batman versions. With enhanced gameplay features and an encapsulating plot, Batman battles against time in an attempt to restore order, stop the bad guys and save the city. The game hosts both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, however can also be used on Windows PC. Don’t delay, get involved with Arkham City before the next installment is released.