About Bikes

The bike, or bicycle, is a pedal-driven, human-powered vehicle that is made up of two wheels that are attached to a frame. The wheels are set up in line with one another with one in the front of the bicycle frame and the other in the rear. Introduced in Europe in the early 19th century, there are currently twice as many bikes on the road than there are automobiles. As an extremely popular mode of transportation, bikes are also used for recreation, fitness, and sport. Currently there are a number of different types of bike in use including mountain bikes, utility bikes, touring bikes, racing bikes, cruiser bikes, BMX bikes, lowrider bikes, tall bikes, tandem bikes, folding bikes, and hybrid bikes. Each year roughly 130 million bikes are sold across the globe with more than half of the new bikes being made in China. Bikes can range greatly in price and quality. Schwinn is one of the most recognisable names in the cycling world, and they make cruiser, children’s, mountain, comfort, road, and BMX models. Headquartered in Taiwan, Giant Bicycles is another popular bike maker. Giant makes lifestyle, hybrid, fitness, children’s, road, and BMX bikes. The Japanese bicycle manufacturer Fuji also manufactures bikes in the United States. The product line for Fuji makes bikes for children, fitness, BMX, mountain, and road. Avid cyclists typically prefer a conventional road bike. Those looking for a bike for leisure riding might prefer a comfort bike as they are designed to ride on flat surfaces and paved roads.