About Breaking Bad

It is said that the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. Well, there is no better intention than those of the characters in "Breaking Bad." “Breaking Bad” is a classic example of how far a parent will go to provide for his dependents. With the knowledge that he has terminal cancer, Walter White, an underachieving high school chemistry teacher is left with the dilemma of providing financial security for his family within a very short interval. With such a dire prognosis of his medical condition, he has to find a product that is not only profitable but is also in immediate demand. Not being a Wall Street guru, he has one qualification he can draw upon, his knowledge of chemistry. Teaming up with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, Walter breaks out of his staid middle-class life as a schoolteacher and enters the drug underworld. Due to the urgency of his situation, Walter did not enter as a small street corner dealer but as a supplier. Along with his former student Jesse, they converted his apartment into a methamphetamine laboratory and manufactured what is considered to be the purest form of the drug available on the street market. Cliche or not, illegal drug trades and other serious criminal activities coexist. If you go to bed with one, you generally wake up with the other. Walter and Jesse are not merely Breaking Bad, but have rather moved from bad to worse, as they get involved in more dangerous activities such as murder-for-hire. The previously sympathetic Walter is now contracting murders with seemingly unemotional involvement. The winner of over seven Primetime Emmys, Breaking Bad has won a total of 22 awards and received over 55 nominations.