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    Published byadventureexpert
    Selecting a Hiking and Camping Tent - Materials

    One of the questions we're often asked by people looking at tents is how to compare the materials used in competing tents? Often the choice is not clear cut especially given that different manufacturers...

  • 102
    Published bybamphotographics
    Buying a tent

    With so many sellers selling tents & camping equipment to choose from on eBay newcomers to camping can be quite preplexed with the vast array of tents on offer each day. So which do you choose? What type...

  • Published byebayonlineguides
    The Ultimate Tent Buying Guide

    The tent is one of humanity's oldest inventions, dating back to the days when hunters and gatherers were building shelters in order to survive. Today, tents are not generally needed for survival, but they...

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