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    Published bymmmmmcoke
    Coca Cola Collecting - THE NEXT STEP

         Have you ever wondered what country a particular Coca Cola item came from, or when it was made or distributed. I am going to give you some important information that will not only help you to get...

  • 23
    Published bymmmmmcoke

         Welcome to another Guide for the Coca Cola Collector. This guide is really the second half of the guide "Coca Cola Collecting - THE NEXT STEP." I would advise you to read the first half, which gives...

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    Published bymmmmmcoke
    Collecting Australian Coca Cola Cans

    L-R: Coca Cola Winna Can, 50th Anniv. Gold Can, Americas Cup and Ghostbusters. How do you know where an Aussie can is from?     This sounds like a funny question. Surely you would look on the side for...

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