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    Published bywalter_eigner
    Coin Grading Guide

    One of those most difficult, yet paramount concerns for the coin collector is grading. To the collector this will help him find the best coin of his desired type for his collection. To the investor, this...

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    Eliminate coin fraud by buying "Certified" Panda Coins

    Please vote yes for this guide so we can help others! Hello and Welcome to our Guide on eliminating the risk of buying Chinese Panda Coins online. Reason I'm writing this guide is to educate our clients...

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    Published byplanetreasure
    Australian coins terms, what you need to know.

    If you’re not aware what these terms mean, you will be confused in no time. Coin Terms you need to know when collecting: Fleur de Coin (FDC):  Literally translates as “flower of the die”.  This is the...

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