About Eminem

Citing Eminem as influential is a major understatement. Eminem has broken barriers in hip hop and rap in a number of ways that have completely redefined the genre. Through his partnership with Dr. Dre, formerly of N.W.A. and the co-founder of Death Row Records, Eminem has created some of the seminal hip hop/rap music of the last decade. Eminem truly exploded onto the music scene at the turn of the millennium with the release of The Marshall Mathers LP. This album sold over a million copies in its first week of release, cementing Eminem's reputation as a game changer in hip hop. This release was followed over the next couple of years by The Eminem Show and Encore, before the performer decided to take a hiatus from recording. Eminem returned to the scene in 2009 with the release of Relapse, followed shortly by Recovery. As one of the best selling acts of all time, Eminem's albums are all still available on CD. Live footage and performances by this dynamic performer are also available for fans to enjoy on DVD. Eminem has also starred in some films that are also available on DVD, including Eight Mile, a semi-biographical film based on his life and directed by Curtis Hanson. For those who want to emulate his style, anything from snapbacks to his own line of hoodies can give fans a way to look and dress like this rap sensation. Posters, signed memorabilia, and autographed photos of this star are just a few more of the ways in which fans can engage the dynamic world of this rap superstar.