About Fallout New Vegas

Created by Obsidian Entertainment, Fallout New Vegas is a video game that was published for release in October 2010 on the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360 platforms. Since that time and up until 2012, this game also had expanded to include downloads as well. This action role-playing video game is set sometime after an apocalypse in Las Vegas, Nevada. The gamer plays the role of the ‘Courier’, who has been entrusted with the job of delivering a package across the forbidden terrain of the Mohave Desert and must make sure that it gets delivered safely to Las Vegas. Of course, as can be expected in this type of video game, there are complications along the way: the package gets intercepted and the player is shot and left for dead. However, he is found and brought back to good health; then he is sent back out into the desert to exact his revenge on the thief and recover the stolen goods. One aspect of the game that makes it so enjoyable is its plot, which differs from that of most other video games of this type. Along with great graphics, there are many twists and turns that keep the game exciting; the player must always plan out moves in advance in order to stay one step ahead of the game. This game has received many positive ratings by critics and game players alike. If you happen to be in the mood for a game that offers an escape from the same old, tired hack-and-slash plots, Fallout New Vegas may be just the game for you.