About Family Guy

Writer Seth MacFarlane cemented his status in popular culture when he brought Family Guy across the ocean. The show, which is a cartoon for adults, focuses on the Griffin family. Members of the Griffen clan include the parents, Peter and Lois, along with their children, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. No family would be complete without a talking dog. Family Guy, which manages to be politically incorrect and hilarious at the same time, hit the screens 1998, then was pulled a few years later. Popular demand brought the show back, and new episodes started in 2004 and as of 2013, still continue. The show has inspired a cult following, and boasts an array of star-studded voice talent, such as MacFarlane himself, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, and Alex Borstein. The show also offers the audience hilarious cameos by famous guest stars. The show gets laughs by frequently referencing current events, pop culture, politics, and celebrities, and storylines like Stewie vying for world domination, Brian dating women, and the perverted neighbour that is always eyeing the neighbourhood kids make the show funny and sometimes painful to watch. In general, despite the rude humour of the show, critics have deemed it a success, and the satirical nature of the show is a hit with viewers of all ages. The show has won 4 Emmy awards, and is broadcast internationally. Speculation says that there will eventually be a Family Guy movie starring the Griffins and all of their friends. There have already been some well-received television specials, such as a Star Wars spoof that saw the characters take on the roles of the famous icons from that film series. For now, the movie Ted, written by MacFarlane, may be the closest Family Guy humor gets to the silver screen.