About Garden Sheds

A garden shed is normally a single story structure that people build next to their home, most commonly in their backyard. A garden shed is used for a variety of things including storage and workshop space. The actual structure of a garden shed can vary greatly. Some are small tin-roof structures with open-sided construction while others are made of wood and rather large in size. Some garden sheds even have a shingled roof like a home or barn would. It is not uncommon for more upscale garden sheds to have windows and electrical outlets so power tools and lights can be used inside them. Most garden sheds are made so that they are large enough to house a lawn mower and other gardening supplies. Inside a garden shed shelves are often built for storage and there may be a built-in workbench for fixing things and potting plants. On occasion, garden sheds are built larger, some even with two stories. Hobbyists and handymen often prefer larger garden sheds, so they have enough room for working on projects. A consumer sometimes customises the garden shed to match the construction of the home. Some are matched simply by colour but others match down to the siding and trim. Many garden sheds are even decorated with flower boxes on the window and many even have a ramp to make it easier to remove equipment for landscaping and recreational items.