About Green Day

Punk band Green Day has had a following since the day they hit the airwaves. The band actually didn’t become popular until 1994, with the release of their first major album, Dookie, even though the band had been together on the club circuit since 1987. The band enjoyed a career high, selling millions of albums and winning awards for their songs, and even though they may have hit a decline in the late 90’s as their sound changed and fans and critics varied in their reviews, the band continued to rack up awards and get noticed. Green Day ventured way out of the punk rock norm when their successful album American Idiot, inspired by what was happening in the world and politics, became the first album by the band to reach number one. The band’s album eventually got turned into a Broadway play, also called a rock opera. Green Day has experienced highs and lows, including drug addiction, as well as losing and gaining band members. The band known for its skate punk California style has matured into a successful band that has something to say about the social climate of the world. Green Day has hit record sales, selling over 75 million albums around the world, and won many important awards over the span of their career. Though the band has followed up American Idiot with other albums, they have yet to reach the commercial success that previous albums captured for them. Band members have also been involved in other projects, both musical and otherwise.