About How to Train Your Dragon

The ambitious animated Dreamworks film "How To Train Your Dragon" has been bowling people over with its hilarious, tender, and fast-paced story. Many people expected from the pre-release trailers that this film was going to be another of those formulaic movies made for kids without much originality. However, Dreamworks defied expectations. The story is of Hiccup, a spunky, lean, preteen boy growing up in a village of Vikings who makes friends with a dragon. The film was put together using many elements including puppets, acrobatics, and dance moves that meld seamlessly together in the cutting-edge form of 3D animation. Adults will be mesmerised by the gorgeous landscapes built by the graphic designers and animators - scenes of villages, mountains, forests, and dragons' lairs, all pulsing with colour and vibrancy. Children will love the heartwarming tale (without any really scary bits, which is always important for the young ones) of the hapless Viking boy and the special relationship that develops between him and the very likeable and believable Toothless the dragon. Antics abound in this movie as Hiccup’s friends cavort and make jokes (but nothing inappropriate for children) as the story unfolds. Teenagers’ imaginations will be captivated by the upbeat music and scenery that is evocative of their childhood computer games but with a lifelike twist. "How To Train Your Dragon" comes alive with the bright intensity of energy and passion, and even the most cynical of film-viewing souls will find themselves enjoying this sweet and classic tale of a young person overcoming odds and finding a true sense of purpose in life.