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  • Using Camouflage Tape while Hunting and Camping

    The Many Ways You Can Use Camouflage Tape Camouflage tape may well be one of the most ignored accessories when it comes to hunting trips. Yet, you may not realize the many ways in which you can use it....

  • Wearing Ear Muffs while Hunting and Shooting

    Ear Muffs Do More Than Just Protect Your Hearing There is no better way to protect your hearing when you are shooting than wearing ear muffs. You can find different types of ear muffs in the market, each...

  • Hunting & Shooting Shoulder Recoil Pad to Improve your Aim

    Some people claim that they enjoy recoil when they shoot. Yet, what they don’t realize is that the recoil can affect their aim negatively. This is why it is important that you have adequate support in...

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