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    • Nice phone battery is an issue though. More power for longer would be nice

      Created: 05/09/2013
    • iPhone.... The only phone I have ever had, that MUST be connected to the internet through Apple iTunes BEFORE you can use it.

      Reason for getting the phone... I had no internet or phone on where I was. I told this to the seller, it was extremely difficult to get the phone... "Activated" so I could use it. Very frustrating, ...Read more
    • The BEST mobile phone you can get!

      Created: 26/03/2012
    • The Iphone 3gs is nothing short of awesome!! It has so many features & applications that make life so easy. It does take a bit of getting used to but so does any new mobile u get!! Just spend some time playing with it & u'll have it sussed in no time!!!