About iPhone 4S

Sometimes, all you need to know is how to ask the right questions, and the iPhone 4S is the perfect example. This incarnation of the beloved Apple smartphone includes your own personal assistant, Siri, a sharp-talking program that can find information for you, send text, and manage your calendar. Plus, she can help you plan a spontaneous date night, provide directions, and much more. The iPhone 4S gives you a stunning 3.5-inch (8.9-cm), 960x640-pixel display, with Retina technology that uses such a high pixel density that your eye can't actually make out any individual pixels. It also has an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness. The 8 MP camera captures brilliant photos on the go and records 1080p HD video, too. Plus, panorama mode, autofocus, face detection, and video stabilisation ensure your photos and videos look stunning. Other features include a 3-axis gyro scope, accelerometer, and proximity sensor. Plus you can choose from Apple's signature white casing or a sleek black one, and choose a storage capacity for your phone: 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. Of course, you can't forget the accessories for your new phone, either. Start with a screen protector to keep that brilliant display looking its best, and then add a case to protect the phone and showcase your own personal style. Next, pick up a car charger for your phone, or a media system with a dock that charges your iPhone 4S while playing all your favourite songs. Add a set of Apple earbuds so you can listen to your music, watch videos, and even play video games without disturbing the person next to you. You may find that your new iPhone 4S is becoming your new best friend, if you can get used to Siri's sense of humour.