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    • A joy to use, easy and fun and loaded with features (and potential! :)

      Created: 16/04/2013
    • This iPhone 4s is the best phone product I have ever used (ios 6.1.3 at time of writing, April 2013). from scrolling the menus to navigating using apps, this phone has plenty of power and the battery seems to last the day with some use all round (gps included).

      The phone signal is generally strong and seems more reliable and stable than ...Read more
    • I fully recommend this as a business tool and hope that Apple will improve

      Created: 09/11/2011
    • I have not owned an apple product to date. Have used top or the range Nokia N97 and Blackberry Torch and have been quite happy with them. This phone is very easy to use, love the responsive touch screen, the glass seems very resistant to scratch. Apps are great and all is very user friendly. Call sound quality is good as is signal reception. Batter ...Read more