About Lego Star Wars

Since the distance from Earth to the "far far away" legendary planets of Star Wars is uncertain, let's consider a slightly easier question: How many Lego bricks would it take to reach from the earth to the sun? The answer is about 15.2 billion or as many as are produced every five months by the company's factories in Denmark, Hungary, and Mexico. The global appetite for Lego building toys is almost insatiable, requiring production of 36 billion blocks annually. The Lego Star Wars sets are one of several Lego movie-themed lines that allow children to create their own cinema characters and sets, and then act out their own movie dramas. Like so many popular toys, Lego Star Wars has spawned its own video game of the same name. The first version was released in 2005 with subsequent versions offered for new platforms and with new story lines. The first mobile release came out in 2006. Sales of the video game are only slightly less brisk than those of the bricks. The video game sold 20 million units in the first five years. When considering that this sales number represents a complete game and not just individual pieces, it comes quite close to the actual brick production number. Like the movie franchise and the Lego building system, the video game offers a wide selection of characters that may be purchased for play. Vehicles from Anakin's Pod to Zam's Airspeeder also may be acquired. Wired magazine gives the game top ratings among its Player's Choice, Platinum Hits, and Greatest Hits in the budget games lines.