About Apple Laptop

The MacBook’s sophisticated trackpad can perform a variety of useful functions, depending on how many fingers used and the direction of motion. While on the desktop, you can zoom in out by holding the control key and moving two fingers up or down along the trackpad. To zoom out while online, place the thumb and index finger on the track pad and pinch them together. To zoom in, simply use the opposite motion by touching your thumb and index finger together and placing them on trackpad before moving them apart. Two fingers can be used to scroll with while on the Internet. Simply place two fingers on the trackpad and move them up or down together. Swiping three fingers on the trackpad acts like clicking on the Forward or Back button. Simply slide three fingers to the left to go back and three fingers to the right to go forward. Sliding three fingers upward on the trackpad brings up Mission Control. The MacBook Mission Control shows the user all open windows and programs simultaneously. Pressing and holding the option key while in Mission Control lets the user close out windows or programs by clicking on the x that appears next to them. Sliding four fingers left or right on the trackpad show what programs are open and running; the icons of any open programs appear in the centre of the screen. This function can be used to close programs by clicking on the icon and pressing Q while holding the command key. Four fingers sliding up on the track pad will minimize your current window and bring up the desktop. Sliding down will bring back your window. For more functions that can be performed on the MacBook trackpad, visit Apple’s website.