About Mr Bean

Imagine a grown man with the attention span, inquisitiveness, and intelligence of a child. Mr. Bean manages to acquire all those characteristics and then hones them in his eccentric mind. He always seems to have trouble doing the simplest things, which often leads to the annoyance of people and/or the destruction of places around him. It is not always easy to display your emotions seamlessly in every facial feature, but somehow Mr. Bean has managed to complete numerous episodes of his methodical madness without uttering a single word. From time to time, he may mouth a "thank you" or utter a word or two in a guttural voice, but for the most part, he is the weak, peculiar, silent type. Even though Based on most of his actions, Mr. Bean is no genius; however, he often seems to find an ingenious way around all of his problems. There is one occasion when Mr. Bean had to put up with a "less than pleasant" character at the Laundromat, and to get back at him Mr. Bean decides to exchange the man's cup of fabric softener for a cup of black coffee. He succeeds in making the exchange, and the man did in fact throw the cup of coffee in with his laundry, but after discovering that his cup contained coffee instead of fabric softener, he looked accusingly at Bean. To prove himself innocent, Mr. Bean had to pretend that the cup of softener that he was now holding, was in fact a cup of coffee. He pretended to blow away steam and when that was not convincing enough, he had to take a sip. Follow all of Mr. Bean’s encounters and reactions through all 14 episodes of this eccentric comedy.