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  • 17
    Published byreallygreatstuff
    Proper CD Care Make Your Music Compact Discs (cds) last

    Compact Discs offer a method of playing music without any deteration of sound quality as there is no wear on the disc. unlike both vinyl records and audio cassettes which suffer continual wear from friction...

  • 18
    Published bycreamofcards
    Old Music Cigarette Cards & Liebig Cards Collectables

    Music On Cigarette Cards & Liebig Cards ( Collectables ) I've been collecting and selling trading cards, cigarette cards and related collectables for over twenty years. Before you read this guide please...

  • 11
    Published byreallygreatstuff
    Music Terms Jargon Words Guitarists Guitar Definitions

    Some of the most common and not so guitar and music terms, definitions and jargon arranged alphabetically.  This explanation guide has info from beginner to intermidiate guitarists in the quest for more...

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