About One Tree Hill

The very first episode of the series of "One Tree Hill" could have been a feature film all on its own. While it probably would not have been a blockbuster, maybe it would have won some awards or at least been nominated. The plot introduces you to Lucas and Nathan Scott who both attend the same school and share the same father, but are not even friends. It would appear as if both teenagers acquired impeccable basketball skills through their father's genetic passdown, but their father Dan Scott has played the fatherly role for only of the boys. Lucas knows that Dan is his biological father, but has never seen him as anything more than the unwanted sperm donor that broke his mother's heart. Nathan, on the other hand, grew up with his dad, and seems to have also acquired his father's arrogant obnoxious behaviour and attitude. He is on the school's basketball team and is also their lead scorer, while Lucas displays his talent on park courts with his friends. With both boys in the same school and the knowledge of their father's role or lack thereof in each other’s lives, it is no surprise that the tension between them may at times escalate. Lucas had always been interested in the school's basketball team, but had never tried out for his own personal reasons. However, an interesting turn of events leads him to join the team, which did not please his father or his half-brother. Nathan does not want to be outshined by Lucas, but with both of them on the team, the possibility now exists.