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  • Published bymakeuprules
    Beware of Fake perfumes!!!!

    Authentic and Fake perfumes Watch out for fake perfumes, a lot of people think that spending a little less on a perfume from overseas and waiting a little while is worth the savings!... Beware, it will...

  • 2
    Published bygirlygirlz2014
    Beware of fake Dior miniature Perfumes!!!

    I am passionate about Perfumes and love to share my addiction with other perfume lovers out there.  When I travel I buy perfumes and sell them here but recently I have been wondering how some sellers can...

  • 45
    Published byfeeling-sexy
    Do You Think eBay Perfumes Price are Too Cheap?

    As an independent perfume seller we received lots of comment about how we priced our products. One of the comments that always come up is: Are your products genuine? How can you sell this so cheap while...

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