About Picture Frames

Picture frames serve more than one purpose. They are not only decorative, but they are a great way to display your favourite memories and cherish them daily in your home. Picture frames come in a wide variety of sizes to fit many different types of photos, and an even larger assortment of designs, colours, shapes, and materials. Have you ever wondered when picture frames became the norm for photo display? Scientists unearthed a rudimentary photo frame from an Egyptian tomb from the 2nd century. Even Egyptians had good sense when it came to interior design. When paintings first came into vogue as d├ęcor in the 14th century, only royals or noble people could afford them, because they were very expensive. At some point, picture frames became accessible for the general public and were mass-produced instead of handmade by artists. Modern frames range in price from extremely inexpensive to quite high-end, depending on what metal they are made of, and how elaborately they are decorated. There are many types of popular picture frames, such as collage frames that hold many different photos in one frame, and frames shaped like things like seashells, fruit, or letters. Some frames are engraved and given as gifts, and there are picture frames made to celebrate every occasion such as the birth of a baby, a birthday, or an anniversary. Framing a photo in a special picture frame is a great way to celebrate that moment and enjoy it every time you look at your photos. Photo frames make great gifts, too, and engraved photo frames are a special option for a wedding gift or the birth of a baby.