About Pokemon Black and White

If you have little boys, you have probably heard of Pokemon, a sensation for kids that includes toys, video games, television shows, and of course, the card games. One of the most popular Pokemon games is Pokemon Black and White, which is a Nintendo game for the handheld Nintendo console, the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Black and White are two separate RPG games (role playing games) that tell the story of a Pokemon trainer working towards a battle. These games each offer a variety of new characters for Pokemon fans to meet, and while the two games are different, they need to be played as companions to each other in order to successfully complete the games. These games have been extremely popular for Nintendo, and sold over 15 million copies as of 2013. The story of the character of Pokemon, the star of both Pokemon Black and White games, began in Japan in 1996. Pokemon, which means, “pocket monsters” is essentially a game that allows players to collect other types of characters and monsters. The main Pokemon, named Pikachu, is the first Pokemon to be collected by the main character of the storylines, named Ash. The games follow the adventures of others working and fighting to be Pokemon trainers. Pokemon Black and White was an innovative concept because of the two games that fit together, but can be played separately. The game has been received well and gotten good reviews, and kept Pokemon and their various trainers in the spotlight and earning their place in pop culture.