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  • 5
    Published bypokeretro
    Pokemon Cards WILL be Worth Something in the Future

    There has been skepticism regarding whether the 1st generation (fossil, jungle and base set) Pokemon cards will appreciate in value. I am here to confirm that they will. The basic concept: Pokemon was...

  • 7
    Published bygiahuuphan
    First Edition Pokemon Cards + Value of your cards

    First Edition Pokemon Cards. In the collectors world, First Edition Pokemon Cards are what will make your cards valuable. Although this little mark on your Pokemon Card doesn't make it a goldmine for collectors,...

  • 177
    Published byicollected
    What are Shadowless Pokemon Cards?

    SHADOWLESS POKEMON CARDS Please vote YES (at the bottom of the page) if you appreciate the time and effort it took a group of us to write this guide. The guide has had over four thousand views but only...

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