About Puss in Boots

Almost every adult remembers the story "Puss in Boots". This historical fairy tale personality who dates back to the 17th century has featured in many books and several movies. He has often been portrayed as a sly trickster, but at the same time he has undoubtedly remained a favourite with children of all ages. With his name displayed in the title, "Puss in Boots" has taken on a new lease of life in an animated motion picture and his zany character deserves nothing less than a 3D display that highlights his madcap adventures. It also introduces some crazy new personalities into the plot. Viewers get to know Humpty Dumpty, an old friend, although he is now an enemy of Puss. He is a bit of a bad egg, but his humour is superb. Kitty SoftPaws, voiced by Selma Hayek, brings some love into our cat’s life and, at the same time, the audience shares their exciting adventures and battles along the way with outlaws Jack and Jill and the famous goose of golden egg fame, amongst many others. With Antonio Banderas’ voice portraying the star of the show, the audience is taken back to the early days of "Puss in Boots" with insights into how he acquired this fanciful name. Children are sure to be engrossed with the adorable characters as they experience some laugh out loud moments with the humorous dialogue. Although this is a movie about fairy tale characters, adults will enjoy the exciting action and the message that the movie brings to its audience. This gem of a movie is definitely worth watching by children and by any adult who wants to come along for the ride. Anyone who enjoyed "Shrek" will not be disappointed with this fun-filled movie.