About Samsung Galaxy Ace

The Samsung Galaxy Ace, is an economically-priced smartphone that buyers can pick up for quite a lot less money than other smart phones. Its specifications are impressive, for its price. It runs on Google's Android OS, with an 800 MHz processor from Qualcomm MSM7227 that has an Adreno GPU. It has a 3.5 in. display, TFT and LCD capacitive screen made with Gorilla Glass. The screen is HVGA, with a 320 x 480 resolution. It also has a five megapixel camera equipped with an LED flash, and it can record video on QVGA at 320 x 240 resolution (or on VGA at 640 x 480 resolution, since Android's Gingerbread OS update). It is black, and comes with a choice of three different coloured backs. The quality of this cheaper phone is quite good, and consumer reviews are all positive for such an inexpensive gadget. This phone is packed with ingenuity, and made so that it has a lot of things you would look for in a higher price phone. Compared with some of the better-known smart phones, it still has the features you would hope for. The fact that it comes with a flash is surprising, but it is a wonderful addition if you are into taking pictures and sharing them. You can ensure good quality photos in any amount of light. There is so much packed into this budget phone, and you can do everything you expect, including installing Android applications and searching the Web. The Samsung Galaxy Ace might be the phone for you if you want all the features without paying the big bucks.