About Shoes

Though shoes do serve an actual purpose, they have become clichéd when it comes to women that love fashion. Many women are indeed obsessed with shoes; the styles, the colours, and the infinite possibilities. Shoes have been a staple of existence since the caveman days, and these weren’t exactly designer high heels. The first shoes were sandals, and they were made of leather and held together with string. Flip-flops began to rise in popularity, and although many people went barefoot, some people wore shoes but it definitely wasn’t required. The cool thing about shoes is that there is literally a type of shoe for every need. There are football shoes that have cleats on the bottom, running sneakers, ballet slippers, boating shoes, and of course, high heels, sandals, and clogs. Different shoes are popular in different countries, but most everyone agrees that sneakers are a must-have. Do you know how sneakers got their name? The rubber soles are so quiet, you could literally sneak up on someone while wearing them. Sneakers are stylish and functional shoes, and many athletes wear them. Popular brands include Nike and Converse. While women enjoy wearing heels, they are not the most comfortable types of shoes. High heels started out as platform shoes worn in the Middle Ages. They were so high, women had to use a cane to walk while wearing them. That makes today’s high-heeled shoes seem tame in comparison. One of the world’s most glamourous women, Cleopatra, never wore shoes, but chose to go barefoot. Perhaps if she were alive today, she wouldn’t be able to resist the many styles available.