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    Silver Filled.... Not Always SILVER Filled

    Silver Filled are not always Silver Filled Some Sellers are selling Silver Filled Jewelry, but they are not always Silver Filled. for example the Earring in the picture is Silver Plated but it is Filled...

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    Published byfuzzyamigo
    Care and cleaning of Alpaca Silver Jewellery a few tips

    How to care for your Alpaca silver jewellery. CLEANING your Alpaca Silver jewellery is not a difficult task and with a little time and practice you will be confident about how to handle this sometimes...

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    A Note On Sterling Silver Jewellery-Hallmarks/Fakes/925

    Ancient civilisations believed that gold represented the sun whilst silver represented the moon. And, like today they were two of the most important precious metals. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5%...

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