About Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the highest grossing box office films of all time, but it has become much more than just a film to many people. Star Wars was part of a trilogy of movies that would later be morphed into six movies. Even though it was the first movie made in the initial trilogy, it is the fourth movie in the sixology and perhaps the most important. It would take 28 years for the sixology to be completed, from the original Star Wars in 1977 to Revenge of the Sith in 2005, and the franchise would take in over four billion dollars in total gross. Star Wars is a complex and sophisticated story that involves many different characters whose lives interweave throughout the timeline of the movies. Initially, the appeal of Star Wars was its futuristic setting and exceptional special effects for the time period. But over the years, the films became part of a worldwide culture and shared experience that keeps fans interested in the series. Every film has been nominated for or won an Academy Award, and each one has been a box office success over the several decades through which they have been enjoyed by generations of film goers. From the moment audiences were introduced to the Rebel Alliance and their struggle against The Empire, a fantastic world of entertaining characters and events has kept them coming back for more. It seems that fans of the series cannot get enough, because there is a third trilogy planned to start in 2015, and many fans are already eagerly awaiting that next installment.