About The Beatles

The Beatles are perhaps the most iconic and well-known rock band in history. They are still known as the most successful band of all time, and the English band that started in 1960 quickly swept the world like wildfire, and went international with their success. The four young boys from Liverpool, Paul, George, Ringo, and John, captivated fans with their songs, their talent, and their good looks. Called the Fab Four, the men went on to put not only their mark on the world of music, but cemented their status as icons of popular culture. They are widely known as the best selling band in history, with over a billion albums sold worldwide. The Beatles eventually broke up in 1970, and the band went their separate ways and on to successful solo careers, but could never match the success they had achieved together as one complete band. The Beatles were said to be influenced by American rock acts like Elvis Presley, and their fans were just about as enthusiastic as the King’s. Girls would swoon, scream, and work themselves into a frenzy when The Beatles would hit the stage together. Though they were labelled as a rock act, the band employed other types of sounds including country, classical, and psychedelic, creating a unique assortment of songs that would stand the test of time. The Beatles still influence popular bands today, their images are seen still on posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and stickers, and continue to gain new fans and retain old ones, who pass down the music to their kids and grandkids, keeping The Beatles in our hearts and on our music players forever.