About Twilight

Twilight is the story of Bella Swan, a young teenage girl who moves from her home in Phoenix, Arizona, to the small Pacific Northwest town of Forks, Washington, to live with her father. Bella becomes popular in her new high school and becomes interested in an attractive boy named Edward Cullen, who she sits next to in biology class. One day, a van careens out of control in the school parking lot and heads straight for Bella. Seemingly from nowhere, Edward Cullen appears and stops the van from crushing Bella and himself. Wanting to know more about him, Bella confronts Edward; in response, he warns her against getting to know him, which intrigues her even more. Bella begins to suspect the Edward might be a vampire, and she researches the topic. Edward finally gives in to Bella and displays his remarkable physical abilities by transporting her around the forest tree tops and showing her how his skin sparkles in the sunlight. He tells Bella that he only drinks animal blood, and the two fall in love. Edward introduces Bella to his family, and as they are getting acquainted by playing baseball at a local park, a pack of vicious vampires, led by James, attempt to take Bella for themselves. The Cullens protect her, but eventually Bella is lured away from them by James, who attacks and severely wounds her in Phoenix. Edward and the Cullen family come to her rescue and kill James and thwart his plans for Bella. In the end, the vampire Victoria plans her revenge upon Bella and the Cullen’s for killing her lover, James.