About Wrist Watch

How do you choose a watch to buy when there are just so many out there to choose from? A good place to start is by looking at your budget and going from there, as there’s no point lusting after a watch that you cannot possibly afford. Besides, there are so many different price points and designs when it comes to watches that you're sure to find something that suits your style and your budget. Ask yourself when you’ll be wearing the watch and for what purpose, for instance during sport, work, partying, or around the home. Consider whether it needs to be waterproof. Decide on the kind of watch band you prefer for comfort and style. Perhaps you prefer the classic look or alternatively the high-tech look. Another thing to consider is whether you want a digital or an analogue watch, or something that combines the best of both worlds. Analogue watches have a face with minute and hour hands, perhaps a third hand as well, and there are numbers or possibly markers around the 12 hours of the clock face. These types of watches are a classic choice if your priority is a watch for work or for formal events. You’ll also see digital watches which have an LCD or LED display that shows the time in numbers only. These are generally too casual for formal events and workplaces with a formal dress code, but may be ideal for work situations where you are expected to note the time often, such as emergency services workers for instance. The next differences you’ll note are that watches are either digital or have a quartz or mechanical mechanism. Quartz watches are very accurate and keep time via an electrified quartz crystal, whereas mechanical watches keep the time via a complicated network of springs and gears and are hand-wound, making them fairly accurate but not perfect as they lose around one hour per year. Finally, look at the designs of the watches you see. You need to decide whether you want a plain face or whether you’re after a shiny, high-tech, or bling style. You can even buy watches that include functions such as a camera or calculator, making them extra-versatile and unusual.