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    Published bysnappersnatchers
    Surf Rigs & Fishing using a paternoster rig for snapper

    Rigging up for snapper season Types of flasher rig Ledger Rig Aka Pre-rigged fisho's that havent  Tried  a  Snapper rig   ( Snatcher)   then  you are  missing out on an excellent  rig for snapper or offshore...

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    Published bysnappersnatchers
    Squid Jigs- Egi Jig Fishing Selecting Jag Colour

    squid jigs Egi fishing Selecting a good Coulor For Squid  Squid Jigs And All the Hype ? Choosing the right Jig  I can’t tell you which jig to select but I can share some  information on how I select my...