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    Australian coins terms, what you need to know.

    If you’re not aware what these terms mean, you will be confused in no time. Coin Terms you need to know when collecting: Fleur de Coin (FDC):  Literally translates as “flower of the die”.  This is the...

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    1994 50 cent coin Wide Date Variety identification

    Australia 1994 50c coin Year of the Family RE: Scarce " 7mm Wide date " Die variety Some Sellers maybe? selling 1994 circulated & UNC "Standard Common 6mm narrow date" 1994 year of the family 50 cent coins as...

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To those looking in on the hobby, coin collecting may not seem like a valuable use of time. But for those who live in 2012, but are more fascinated by a 1930 penny than anything else, it makes perfect sense. Searching for the right coins to add to a collection, whether they are rare Australian coins, like the 1927 florin, or something more exotic from further way, is one of the most rewarding parts of the hobby. But for those coins that are near impossible to find, eBay represents a new frontier. Thousands of rare coins can be found on eBay at any given time, making it unnecessary to travel to coin shows at every opportunity, which can mean more time to create a better collection.