1 Cent and 1 Penny Items

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I started investigating the feedback of a Seller today.


There was something about the feedback which was very over-the-top, graphical, and repetitive. Many members leaving such feedback where also flagged as " not a registered user" or had item numbers marked " Private." Then I followed a few Buyers to see what else they bought. And I scanned the purchase history of items.

Delving further - there seems to be many 1c " Buy Now" items coming up (with digital delivery, of course). These include 1 penny Ebooks, recipes and desktop wallpapers.

Slowly I formed a picture of a gigantic web of buyers of these items -- I can only guess for the purpose of generating massive positive feedback for each other.

I can't imagine Ebay would earn much from 1c items. So why is it tolerated? I'm sure their vast resources would be aware of such behaviour.


One such entry has a 3 month listing and has 1000 items available. If they are digital, why not a million?

And among the feedback I loved seeing gems like this 1c item

There also appear links to items with descriptions such as
"Establish Your Ebay Account With 100+ Feedback In 24HRS"


My observations should prompt you to delve into feedback and question it.

One day I hope for a way to show better quality feedback,
ie. for items worth more that 1c, & from users still registered !
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