10 Amazing tips to getting kids to eat healthy

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It can be a challenge, and very draining trying to gets kids into a healthy eating pattern. We have a 4 year old and 8 month old and have experienced the frustrations of preparing a beaut healthy meal which is rudely pushed aside, followed with "can I have a lolly please Mum". Following are 10 ideas we have found helpful to getting our kids to eat well:

  1. Eat well yourself thus be a good example. Make sure your trolley is full of raw fruit and vegetables, and they get to the table. Kids are watching you all the time
  2. Take the time to prepare healthy meals. Yes it takes longer to use raw vegetables than out of a processed packet - but good health is worth it
  3. Start good habits early. Our 8 month old gets plenty of mashed fruit and vegetables
  4. Get them into the habit of drinking plenty of water. Let them have their own special water bottle and cups with cool straws
  5. Sweets, lollies, soft drinks, chocolates are not banned, but are a special treat to reward good behaviour, especially eating a healthy main course
  6. Limit treats - a small soft drink not more than once per week, 2 lollies or less per day
  7. Encourage your kids to be active. Get them burning energy which leads to a healthy hunger (for an activity idea see Sandpit Diggers)
  8. Vitamin and mineral supplements are helpful (see the Neways Australia website or local health store for ideas). Our four year old has had a mineral drink and a multi vitamin every breakfast time since he was 1
  9. Lots of fruit with cereal is awesome for breakfast. Find fruits that they like
  10. Give them a good balance of good fats; carbohydrates; and proteins.

Thanks for reading and enjoy raising healthy kids.


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