10 Chrome Accents for Vintage Cars and Trucks

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10 Chrome Accents for Vintage Cars and Trucks

Auto enthusiasts who own classic cars or trucks can enhance the appearance of their vehicles with chrome accents. These come in many forms and can be sought for both interior and exterior styling. Over time, many old vehicles lose the decals, insignias and chrome features that once set them apart and gave them their distinctiveness. However, chrome accessories for vintage and classic cars and trucks are widely available on eBay.

Before choosing chrome accents for their classic vehicle, customers who wish to return prestige back to their pride and joy should ensure they have a working understanding of classic cars and their history. If not, they should consult somebody who specialises in this area before choosing their items.

Types of Chrome Accents for Vintage and Classic Cars

There are lots of ways the vintage enthusiast can restore their cars and accentuate their look. Chrome accents can be added to both the inside and outside of the vehicle. They may be used to return the car or truck to its original appearance, or used to accentuate and even exaggerate the vintage look. If indulging in the latter, customers should do so with great care lest they inadvertently create unintended kitch. On the other hand, there are those who restore their vehicles in a deliberately over-the-top manner precisely to appeal to that segment of car enthusiasts who appreciate such an approach.

Accent 1: Badges

Some of the more commonly pursued enhancements for both vehicle exteriors and interiors are in the form of chrome badges. Classic and vintage enthusiasts can either order the original items if they can be sourced, or replicas that closely match the original. Combined with a bodywork overhaul, such chrome accents give the restored car or truck a finish that is otherwise not possible.

Accent 2: Chrome Detailing

The glean of chrome fittings on vintage and classic cars are highly seductive to the vintage enthusiast, but only when kept in good condition. Restorers must first remove any rust and dirt, and replace any damaged chrome parts before commencing detailing work. Customers should source replacement chrome parts before beginning their restoration task. By having all necessary components on hand, the restorer can plan their operation more effectively.

Accent 3: Chrome Decals

Although not an essential part of auto restoration work, chrome decals can add a degree of novelty, or simply help restore authenticity to the vehicle in its original condition. The way a customer wishes to use decals is up to them, but they should be aware that decals, more than any other auto accentuation, tends to brand a vehicle towards a particular look or image.

Accent 4: Chrome Bumper

The front and rear bumper is a classic tell tale of the vintage model. Chrome bumpers can be purchased for a wide selection of classic and vintage vehicles; their high demand ensuring good supply. In case where the strength of the original bumper has been compromised from previous impacts, a brand new reproduction vintage bumper may be worth consideration.

Accent 5: Chrome Trims

For classic vehicles that have lost their shine where it counts most, replacement parts can be extremely difficult to acquire. Classic and vintage trims can be found on eBay but not in any great quantity. Although the process quickly becomes expensive, the best option may be to purchase the original trim from eBay and then have it professionally replated.

Accent 6: Chrome Hood Ornaments

Some of the most endearing vintage and classic chrome accents come in the form of chrome hood ornaments. Depending on car or truck model, these can be the most distinguishing features of the vintage vehicle. Cars and trucks that are fortunate enough to include these ornamental pieces often attract greater admiration than those that do not. If possible, the restorer should seek out the original item before resorting to a replicated version.

Accent 7: Chrome Strips

A feature of prime importance, chrome strips can restore a vintage vehicle back to its former self with relative ease. As they were a feature on nearly all classic cars and many trucks, they are an essential part of auto body detailing. Often extending the full length of the vehicle, the side strips helped set particular cars apart from each other and made them even more identifiable than they already were.

Accent 8: Chrome Mouldings

As with the strips, chrome mouldings help return a vehicle to its authentic state with all its individual appeal. On many old vehicles, these mouldings are already there, partly there, or so damaged they have been removed. They are particularly susceptible to damage because they wrap around the contours of the vehicle and are prone to impact.

Accent 9: Chrome Wheel Hubs

Vintage vehicle restorers know how important the wheels are to achieving a convincing restoration result. The wheels are the automobile's shoes, and due attention must be given them. Chrome wheel hubs can often be found without too much trouble as they are always in demand. Original hubs are usually plentiful, and depending on make and model, reproduction vintage may be acceptable.

Accent 10: Steering Wheels

The dash region is a prime focus of the restored vehicle's interior. Steering wheels that are returned to their original condition can give the owner a sense of being transported back in time as they drive their good-as-new vintage car or truck. Many vintage steering wheels have a decorative insignia on the end of the steering column which is very special to enthusiasts.

Restore or Replace

Sourcing original accessories for an old car or truck can be very challenging work, especially for the trims and even more so for less known models. Even in today's largely online car parts market, this all too often proves too difficult for the rarer vehicles. If the vintage enthusiast still has their rare chrome part in their possession, they are fortunate and should retain it. Although likely beyond amateur restoration, they can have these precious pieces re-plated if the cost proves effective. Original pieces are that much more satisfying than reproduction vintage items, and, depending on the effect the owner wants to give, should always be sought whenever possible and practical.

How to Buy Chrome Accents on eBay

When you look for your needed chrome accents on eBay, you can enter specific searches such as "vintage chrome decals", or a general search like "vintage chrome", and select appropriate filters for automobilia. Broad searches sometimes return greater search results and you can discover many sub categories by searching via the filters.

If you have a range of chrome car accessories you would like to try locating on eBay, it is a good idea to purchase several items from a single seller once you have established a trusted connection with them. This is especially desirable if you choose to buy from an auto dealer, which is always recommended. Whichever seller you choose to buy from, always select one that has a good selling reputation, with a customer feedback score of at least 98 per cent.


Many people choose eBay as their first stop shop when sourcing online merchandise, and for good reason. The satisfaction rate is exceptionally high and with new ways to strike a bargain, such as on eBay deals, there is no reason not to try this online marketplace first.

When the vintage enthusiast chooses the right chrome accents for their vintage car or truck, they are unlikely to be disappointed. Instead, they find their vehicle transformed from something old into something that really pays off both financially and aesthetically. Not to mention the respect and admiration that such restoration work attracts. With a restored body and sound engine, the classic vehicle can take its place amongst the finest vintage machines on the road.

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