10 Cool Things You can Do with Google Glass

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10 Cool Things You can Do with Google Glass

Many consumers won’t need to be asked twice if they would like to own the high-tech eyewear known as Google Glass, but some people looking up the technology on eBay might not be sure what they can use Google Glass for. This list of 10 cool things you can do with Google Glass might be the tipping point they need to invest in these smart glasses.


Decipher Foreign Signs

Keen travellers will be familiar with the Word Lens app and its ability to translate foreign text into a native language. The app, which has already seen success in the smartphone market, makes travelling abroad easier. It’s not so great at translating complex fonts or larger portions of text, but when used as intended, there is really no beating this app.


Reduce Stress Levels

Life can be stressful, and stress is known to lead to health problems. It can be difficult to identify when stress is playing too much of a role in a person’s day-to-day, but thanks to the BioGlass app, users can get a warning about when stress levels are getting too high and take action.


Cook up Storms

Ditch the dog-eared recipe books in favour of the foodie-favourite app KitchMe. Users can search for recipes, then pop to the grocery store and have an ingredients list displayed at the tilt of their head. Audio instructions given throughout the cooking process ensure that even the most novice chefs can produce something they are proud to put on the dinner table. Plus, users who prefer to listen to music while they cook can set the app to display the recipe instructions as text.


Save the World

Not literally, but customers for whom the idea of fighting off flesh-eating zombies and contributing to the upkeep of a fictional township is appealing, Zombie, Run! ticks all the right boxes. It is currently available as an audio adventure only, but the rate at which Google Glass technology is advancing implies that it won’t be much longer before users can get a visual look at the zombies in this popular running app.


Get Culture Fixes

Users who have felt lost when visiting cultural attractions such as art galleries and museums will appreciate GuidiGo. This augmented-reality app allows users to look at a sculpture or painting, or even a landmark, to benefit from a detailed explanation of what the item represents and its history. Users can also watch videos and listen to audio commentary. It’s ideal for people who like to get more out of their visits to cultural destinations.


Choose Movies

Many users will be familiar with that awkward feeling of arriving at a movie theatre with no idea of what to watch. Before now, users have been forced to look up reviews of movies using their phone or take potluck on what to watch. The Preview for Glass app simply needs a user to glance at a movie poster to show them the latest trailer for that movie. It works on pictures on computers and in magazines too.


Get Upper Hand in Meetings

Despite the privacy concerns that some users express about the Refresh app, there is little denying how useful it is for people forgetful about details. The app displays information pulled from social platforms and the Internet. It is something of a cheat sheet for people the user meets day to day.


Set Reminders

The ability to set reminders might not sound all that cool, and while it’s definitely not as exciting as saving the world from zombies, people who consistently find themselves in trouble at work for missing meetings or in the doghouse at home for forgetting the other half’s birthday will love the ability to set a reminder and have it conveniently pop up at eye level.


Dictate Messages

By using the built-in microphone, users can dictate text messages to their friends and respond to emails from work colleagues. All that is needed is a wireless connection to go along with Google’s proprietary speech recognition software. The technology is incredibly handy for people who find text messaging cumbersome or for anyone who likes the idea of responding to messages with the minimum of interruption.



Users who consistently lose their way or always seem to read a map upside down will likely appreciate Google Glass’ built-in navigation system. Maps are, of course, available to those users who want them, but the most impressive aspect of the system is its ability to offer audible turn-by-turn directions on street level.

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