10 Easy No Sew Project Ideas

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10 Easy No Sew Project Ideas

Sewing projects can get complicated and tricky quickly, but DIY-ers don't necessarily need to sew to create beautiful things. Below are 10 great and easy no sew project ideas, from clothes to curtains.


Appliqué Curtains

  1. First, cut six 26 inch squares of lightweight fabric and six 26 inch squares of fusible webbing.
  2. With the paper side facing up, put one webbing square on each fabric square, ironing to fuse them.
  3. Fold each fused square. Then cut out the motifs and unfold them, cutting two of the motifs in half. Cut the third motif into quarters.
  4. Lay one panel down and peel away the paper backing from the motifs. Position them (fabric side up) as desired on the panel. Iron the motifs to fuse them to the panel. Then repeat this process for a second panel.                                                     

Napkin Rings

  1. Cut one end of 9 inch lengths of twill tape at an angle. The other end should be looped through 2D rings with ribbon wrapped around the ring's straight edges. Glue the fabric to itself.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around a rolled napkin and thread one end of the ribbon through the rings like a belt.



  1. Draw the design on gridded graph paper.
  2. With the paper under the fabric, trace the design onto the fabric with disappearing ink.
  3. Cover the traced lines with fabric glue and place the cording on the glue.


T-Shirt Bracelets

  1. Cut T-shirts into 12 x 1" strips.
  2. Create three 10 inch sections of rattail cord.
  3. Anchor the ends together using a rubber band and start braiding the three strands.
  4. When it's long enough, snip off the ends, bunch the pieces together and glue them to a magnet. Repeat this with the other end. Glue pieces of fabric over the magnets. 


Glass Breaking Bag for Jewish Rituals

  1. Cut pieces of 24 x10" fabric and lay out flat (inside up).
  2. Fold each edge and iron to create a hem. Cut away the extra fabric at the corners (at a 45° angle).
  3. Fold the short side about 2 inches and iron to create a crease; then unfold. Place some fusible web tape near the end of the flap in the hem. Place one end of the ribbon inside and fuse by ironing. Repeat this with the other short side. Refold the hems and iron the pouch's sides.
  4. Now the flap has to be folded over. Slip two short pieces of the tape below the flap, and use an iron to fuse the sides of the flap. Glue a button onto the flap bottom.
  5. To close the glass inside, close the pouch and wrap with ribbon.


Clutch Purse

  1. Fold a place mat so 4 inches is left at the top to fold over as the opening for the clutch. Add glue to the sides and hold them in place with clothespins until they dry.
  2. Determine the length the belt needs to be by wrapping it around the clutch, then cut the leather. Use a hole punch to punch holes in the belt.
  3. Glue the belt to the back of the bag and allow it to dry.


Summer Handbag

  1. Cut out two 32 x 18" rectangles of Ultrasuede.
  2. Place a piece of Heat-n-Bond at the centre of one of the rectangles. Then use a preheated iron to fuse the heat and bond to the material. Then remove the paper surface from the Heat-n-Bond.
  3. Place the other piece of Ultrasuede on top of the first one and use the iron to fuse them together.
  4. Using a utility knife, cut slits 1 inch apart 1/2 inch in from the edge of the material.
  5. Produce a 17 x 0.5" strip of Ultrasuede, threading the strip through the slits. Tie the ends to the handle.


Burlap Utensil Holders

  1. Cut one piece of 5 x 15" burlap.
  2. Place the stencil of your choice approximately 4 inches from the edge of the bottom and tape it down. Next, dab on the paint.
  3. Now the bottom edge is folded and the sides glued together with hot glue. Add a little glue to a piece of ribbon, place of on the back and tied at the front.


High Low Skirt

  1. Cut out a U-shape in the front of the skirt. The top of the U should be the highest length plus 1 inch for a hem. For a two layer skirt, cut both the inside layer and the outside layer.
  2. Once the shape and length are correct, close the hems with a bit of iron on hemming tape.


Tablecloth Curtains

  1. Cut a tasseled or ruffled tablecloth into two separate sections for the curtain panels.
  2. Use iron on hemming tape to him up the edges.
  3. Hang your new curtains using drapery clips.


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