10 Essential Caravan Accessories Buying Guide

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10 Essential Caravan Accessories Buying Guide

Caravans give users the freedom to travel with their own sleeping, cooking, and living arrangements. While this is an excellent way to see the country, the experience can be much more enjoyable and convenient when the caravan is properly equipped. New caravans may come pre-equipped with the essentials, but buyers of used caravans may find that some equipment is not included. Caravan owners planning a trip should know what these essentials are and whether their caravan is equipped before embarking on their journey. The caravan parts and accessories discussed below are readily available at camping stores and online marketplaces.

Essential Caravan Accessory #1: Fresh Water Supply

Caravans need a supply of fresh water for washing, cooking, and drinking. While some camping sites supply fresh water, users also need a place to store it. There are different types of water containers available for caravans, but the most popular type has wheels. Users can easily roll them from the caravan to the water supply and back. Buyers should consider containers that hold at least 25 litres of water. This avoids having to make frequent trips to a campsite's water supply. Users who have a non-rolling water container can purchase a trolley to make transporting it easier.

Essential Caravan Accessory #2: Waste Water Removal

The waste water from a caravan must be removed at regular intervals. Some campsites allow users to empty "grey" waste (water from washing and cleaning) directly into designated drains. In most cases, however, each caravan needs a container for it. The most convenient type is a wheeled container that fits underneath the caravan. Tubes direct the water from sinks into the container, and owners can wheel it to the campground's service point for emptying. Some wheeled containers, such as the Waste Master, feature bungee cords that hold a toilet cassette, as well. Simpler containers must be carried.

Essential Caravan Accessory #3: Toilet Chemicals

There are two types of toilet chemicals. The first is intended for the toilet's flush tank, while the other is used in the toilet cassette. In general, a pink additive is meant for use in a flush tank, while a blue or green additive is meant for use in a cassette. Buyers can also find all-in-one toilet chemicals for use in either location.

Essential Caravan Accessory #4: Tool Kit

One of the advantages of caravanning is getting away from civilisation. But this means that repair shops and mechanics are harder to find. Therefore, a simple tool kit is a caravan necessity. It lets users perform basic repairs and maintenance while on the go. At a bare minimum, users should carry pliers, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, a gas bottle spanner, a knife, an adjustable spanner, insulation tape, and spare fuses.

Popular Tool Kit Items

Relative Cost

Pliers and tweezers

$ to $$

Philips head screw driver

$ to $$

Flathead screw driver

$ to $$$

Insulation tape

$$ to $$$





Each tool kit, and even user, has a different need for different tools. Zip ties can come in handy to life a muffler off the ground and back in place temporarily - others may prefer duct tape. One can never be too prepared for an adventure in a caravan.

Essential Caravan Accessory #5: Spare Wheel

Caravan users should always carry a spare wheel and the tools needed to change a tyre. Most new caravans come with a spare tyre, but older caravans may not have one available. Buyers should ensure that the spare wheel matches the wheels of their caravan.

Essential Caravan Accessory #6: Wheel Chocks and Levelling Blocks

Caravan users may find themselves parking on uneven ground. In such cases, wheel chocks can prevent the caravan from rolling away. Wheel chocks are simple and inexpensive devices, but can guarantee safety and peace of mind. They are essential when changing a wheel. Levelling blocks are also designed for use on uneven surfaces. They keep a caravan level on an inclined surface. To make the process easier, users should also purchase a two-way spirit level.

Essential Caravan Accessory #7: Gas Cylinders

Buyers can find two types of gas cylinders for caravan cooking: propane and butane. Propane gas works well in both warm and cold temperatures, but butane does not vapourise when temperatures drop below zero. While the initial investment in gas cylinders can be expensive, once users have a cylinder, they can exchange an empty one for a full one and only pay for the gas. Buyers should purchase two cylinders to ensure they never run out of gas at a campsite.

Essential Caravan Accessory #8: Storage Solutions

Caravans can quickly become messy if not well-organised. To avoid this, buyers should equip their caravans with shelves,collapsible crates,hanging shoe racks, anddrying racks. A waste bin (or two for a larger caravan) can also help keep a caravan neat, clean, and tidy.

Essential Caravan Accessory #9: Entertainment Essentials

Caravan owners who enjoy television should consider a few accessories to ensure better reception at campsites. A TV aerial extension lead is perfect for use at campsites that provide TV aerial points. Buyers can make these themselves with a length ofcoaxial cable and twocoaxial plugs. Or they can opt for a directional TV aerial, which they can use from within the caravan. Some aerials extend upward to improve reception.

Essential Caravan Accessory #10: Security Essentials

Insured caravans must have certain security measures in place. Even if they are not insured, users can benefit from the added peace of mind these accessories provide. For instance, a hitch lock renders the caravan's hitch inoperable until removed. Wheel clamps cover a wheel's nuts, and make them very difficult to remove. Buyers can also equip their caravans with professionalalarm systems. Tracking devices allow owners to track and recover a stolen caravan.

How to Buy Essential Caravan Accessories on eBay

Caravan owners have the luxury of travelling with their own living arrangements. However, adding a few essential accessories can make trips more pleasant and convenient. Buyers seeking essential caravan accessories can find a variety suitable for different caravans on eBay. The search bar available on every eBay page lets buyers locate what they want quickly. For example, entering the term "water container" lists all water containers available on eBay. Buyers can ask sellers any questions they have before committing to a purchase. They can also check for regular deals on camping equipment from eBay.

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