10 Hot Must-Know Tips to Nail Your Shellac Manicure

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Getting the perfect manicure can seem nearly impossible here. Here a few tips to show you it's not. The key is picking the perfect polish, and also creating an all over healthy look. Even if you are donning the this seasons hottest colour on your nails, the trick to great looking polished nails it preparing your nails and hands. Here are our favourite tips for great nails:

    1. Did you know that square shaped nails strengthen your nails and make them less susceptible to breakage?

    2. File your nails in one direction rather then filing back and forth to prevent causing splits.

    3. It is okay to soak your nails for short time before giving yourself a manicure, just remember don't file your nails after swimming or taking a bath. Remember while pampering yourself after a relaxing bath or swim sounds ideal, long term exposure to water will soften nails and making them more susceptible to breaks.

    4. Did you know using nail brushes to clean up underneath your nails can cause an uneven texture underneath the nail causing it to look less aesthetically appealing or healthy? Instead replace the nail brush with a pointed q-tip.

    5. Push your cuticles back first rather than just clipping them. If you accidentally nip your cuticles they will wind up looking dry and rough.

    6. Use a cuticle oil to help soften the area around your nails. Just remember to do this after you have just Shellac-ed and everyday after this to ensure you keep your nails and cuticles moisturised.

    7. Base coats are essential in creating a perfect manicure, they protect your nails from absorbing pigment or colour from the nail polish and assist especially with regular nail polish to durability.

    8. Always remember your top coat. This is what completes your manicure and leaves them with a shiny, healthy finish.

    9. Be patient! Make sure you allow your nails to cure for the full amount of time required. Nobody wants to wind up with smudged nails.

    10. Now quit paying outrageous costs for salon manicures. Today! With these awesome tips your at-home manicure will look absolutely sensational. Visit our store and find everything you will need to help make you look good and feel good!

Remember, it isn't just about the nail colour it's about the entire package!
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