10 Inspirational Designs from 2014 Milan Fashion Week

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Fashion fans eagerly await the new looks shown at Milan each year. The Milan fashion week is an exciting time that combines the rich tradition of tailoring with bright motifs for the spring. In 2014, some really inspirational looks walked Milan. By getting to know some of the best designs and exploring retail options such as eBay, fashionistas can find and put together some of the hottest looks this year.
Dolce & Gabbana's matador motifs

Dolce & Gabbana left their native shores to explore the mysteries of Spain in their Milan Spring collection. Bolero jackets, clean white shirts, and black trim on lush, deep red jackets were just some of the bold statements made by D&G in Milan. Most inspirational perhaps was a Spanish lace dress in black with a body-hugging silhouette down to mid-calf that left little to the imagination, but the flamenco skirts with layers of oversized polka dots are a fun and sweet statement any woman could enjoy comfortably with her favourite D&G fragrance.

Salvatore Ferragamo's tailoring

Clean lines and attention to detail were at the heart of Ferragamo's show in Milan. These well-tailored pieces were slim, elegant, and evocative with bits of yellow popping up in a field of cream as a bit of lining here or a piped stripe there. A beaded and fringed jacket with an elaborate hem was a real standout in the lineup.

Marni's floral masterpiece

The practicalities of a trench coat transformed into a floral experiment on the Marni runway. Marni walked a leather trench with a cinched waist adorned in bright, oversized florals. The whites, light blues, and turquoises of the design contrasted whimsically with the stern black of the coat.

Pucci's lounge dress

Emilio Pucci is already well-loved for his vibrant prints, but one lounge dress in Milan was a particular stunner. A deep yellow-orange set the tone with grey-green and white leaves in relief to make this one of his most dynamic dresses yet.

Jill Sander's horizontals

Jill Sander walked fresh and slim looks down the runway, including one slender dress that ended just below the knee. Abstract, black horizontal elements ran across the sparse white of the dress, making it a modern masterpiece.

Cavalli's lace

Roberto Cavalli took a slight diversion from his usual elaborate prints to explore the delicacy of white lace. One floor-length white lace skirt was a real show stopper when paired with a simple light blue collared top.

Armani's denim suit

The classic lines of an Armani suit got a unique upgrade at Milan. Constructed from faded linen denim, the Armani suit took on a more casual look and silhouette, especially when paired with a pair of sneakers.

Bottega Veneta's denim dress

Denim also made an appearance on the Veneta runway, albeit with a good deal more structure. Veneta walked a tailored and prim dress with a shirt top and full skirt extending from a nipped waist in denim. Flower appliques added a touch of luxury to this surprisingly elaborate dress.

Versace's peekaboo dresses

Always known for her va-va-voom, Donatella Versace explored the idea leaving a bit to the imagination with the peek-a-boo motifs in her dresses at Milan. Slim shift dresses featured surprising strips of transparency revealing a bit of thigh here or some torso there for a fun and flirty look. Versace also played up the contrast by using matte fabric on one panel and a metallic on the next to create a very flirtatious look.

Missoni's knits

Angela Missoni showed a range of delicate and feminine looks. Her knits were particularly evocative. These wafer-thin knits shimmered and floated down the runway, redefining the sweater for the spring season. Her colour choices were effective, too, exploring subtle peaches, corals, and creams to create a light and lovely world.

How to buy Milan looks on eBay

Fashionistas who want to explore Milan looks or put together their own versions have a great resource by shopping on eBay. Whether you are in search of the edge of Versace or the delicacy of Missoni, you can start by using the search bar found on any page. Run a keyword search for an item, and then review the resulting listings in detail by clicking on their highlighted titles. The glamour and quality of Milan is not just a dream. With the right leads on the hot looks and great resources, fashion fans can put together Milan-worthy ensembles with ease.
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