10 Reasons You Cannot Lose Weight

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10 Reasons You Cannot Lose Weight

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You eat too much starchy carbohydrates like rice, white bread...
You do not eat enough protein
You eat too much saturated fats
You do not have enough good oil in your diet eg avocado, extra virgin olive oil
You drink too much alchol
You do not drink at least 2Ls of water a day
You snack only on carbohydrates eg fruit
You do not eat frequently enough - that is smaller and more frequently
You do too much cardio intensive walking
You do not walk enough

This is a way to lose weight simply and easily. Walking and what you eat holds the key.

10000 steps is enough exercise for everyone, plus a small component of strenous exercise when fit enough.

Eating smaller and more frequently will help your body because a 24/7 fat releasing machine.

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