10 TIPS for PC Games related problems

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1. Check the system requirements for the game, it is normally written behind the game box cover.

2. Update your graphics card software. It is free and if you are unsure where to look for the update, just google or yahoo the name of your graphics card.

3. For the latest game titles, you would normally require an expensive and recent graphics card to handle the graphics load. If you meet the system requirement, you should have no problems though.

4. Check other settings that might affect the game play, such as vertical sync etc.

5. If you bought an old game and have problems playing it, try running it in Windows95/ Windows 98/ Windows2000 Compatibily mode. You can search in yahoo or google for the instructions to do so.

6. If the game you bought is ANCIENT (Super Mario, Pong etc.), you may have to download an emulator to play that game. Again, do a search and you should be able to download emulators for free.

7. If you have an old game and the disc is quite badly scratched, apply some dish washing detergent on it and rub it in circles on the scratches and other parts. Wash it and DRY it well, it helps for some discs that are not too badly damaged!

8. Update your Operating System (OS) such as Windows XP.

9. Update your game. There might be certain bugs that can be patched or fixed by downloading the latest updates.

10. Check for forums and official websites for your game for more tips and information regarding your game!

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