10 Tips...How 2 Get The Best Bargains In Clothing

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Each week ebay holds 1000's of auctions for clothing most which are in near new condition and less than 1/4 the price of retail. In most cases you can pick up an quality brand label item for under the cost of post. Because there are so many auctions out there, it can be quite daunting. Here are a few tips on how to find the best quality and the best prices on ebay.

1. Know exactly what you are looking for. For example if you generally trust certain clothing labels which have stood the test of time or are consistant with quality try to limit your searches to these items only. This will free up some of your  time spent surfing ebay pages and ensures you will receive the quality you are looking for. (less dissapointment in the long run)

2.Reveiw all current listings by the Seller. This can be a good indicator as to whether this style or quality is consistent with your seller. In most cases a seller will have a certain standard about the quality he/she always sells, they are less likely to sell lesser quality items.

3.Be clear about what kind of condition the garment is in. don't be afraid to ask questions.Lack of information can say alot about what is not being said about an item. It usually an indicator lower quality or condition. Usually ebay sellers are happy to help out as it usually leads to an eventual sale following interest in the auction.

4.Perform lots of specific searches rather than browsing categories. As said before browsing can be time consuming and pointless. Use specific descriptive words in your searches. Popular fashion terms such as "gypsy, peasant, funky....etc. Items are usually listed with attractive descriptive terms within the title of the auction. And if you are looking for a specific garment try searching in that category. For example you may want a peasant style skirt in a size 12. For this kind of search you would type "peasant skirt" perform the search then select the size category from the left hand menu. This way you will find exactly what you are looking for rather than purchasing say four substitute items.

5.Refrain from impluse bidding. By this I mean set your limits. Take into account the postage costs and ask your self how much altogether will this garment cost you. Consider how much it would cost retail as oppsosed to bidding online. How much is it really worth to you. Try not to bid on it too fast as this only raises the price if somebody decides to bid at the same time. In my epxerience its smart to bid alittle at first but wait until a few minutes before the auction ends to bid up to the final price you are willing to pay.

6. Search by price on a specific item. Try sorting out your search by lowest price located on the top right hand side of the ebay search results page. In some cases you can get quality items for the initial asking price usually $1!

7. Try a search on items ending soonest. You may be able to find bargains which have been overlooked. Personally I have found that people are generally only attracted to items which have had at least one bid. Many a bargain has been won this way.

8. Take your time. Don't be in too much of a rush to find the perfect item right away. Performing searches and saving them is a good way to keep an eye out for that special item which can then be emailed direct to you to keep you in touch with new listings each day.

9. Buy items out of season for a great find. Most people like to clear house clutter including out of season clothing. Buy ahead keeping in mind the size needed for your child in the upcoming seasons.

10. Bulk buy kids clothing. Bundles are a cheaper option to ebay buying and in most cases it saves on frieght costs sending mupltile items. Be sure they are in the condition you require, sometimes it can be a mixed lot but if your smart you can get yourself some fantastic items for a cheaper than usuall rate.

And lastly have fun! It's not a war or a race, if you miss out on something chances are another one will turn up again somewhere soon.

 Happy Bidding  :o)


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