10 Tips on Taking Excellent Photos!

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1. Location- Always take your photos outdoors but in the shade.

2. Background- Buy a large white canvas from a discount store and use this as a background. They usually cost around $20 but you'll never look back. Keep your canvas indoors when not in use.

3. Click away- Take lots of snaps as you can always delete the bad ones. Take some close ups of tags, logos and any special detail. If possible, take front, side and back views.

4. Edit-You should always edit your photos to make them clearer and as much like the actual as possible. Firstly rotate if necessary, then crop and increase the contrast slightly (this just adds a little light).

5. Shrink your Photos- Irfanview is a free program you can download (just google 'Irfanview free download) once downloaded just click file-open, find your photos, then image-resize and make the width 700. Save and choose yes option to replace the original.

6. Using Models- I recommend the use of real people but never for swimwear, pyjamas, or underwear. The model's figure should compliment the item. You should avoid showing faces never show your children modeling clothing there are lots of sickos out there. Mannequins are great and you can buy them cheaply from ebay.

7. List upto 99 photos free per listing- Shh I might get in trouble for this but you can have beautiful backgrounds, large photos and as many as you like per ad, and free showcase if you sign up with Auctiva. Just go to Auctiva.com Joining is free. There are other sites like Sellersource book which I use and they charge $21 per quarter and they are not as good as Auctiva, but they have more listing templates.

8. Taking close ups- when you move close to an object with your camera, less light enters and often the flash will go off but if you took a step back the flash doesn't go off but you're just not getting the small detail. The result is pictures of the same item but the item is a different colour or shade in each picture. The only two solutions are: 1. Edit the close up shot or 2. Use the focus features on your camera to bring the item closer rather than physically moving the camera close.

9. Recognise the Importance- you'll be amazed how many people don't even read the description. Its human nature to analyze the photo to gain the best understanding. Don't try to hide anything, show faults, even do big close ups. Buyers will appreciate your honesty and know what to expect when they receive the item. Remember it is always best to under-promise and over-deliver. Your aim in taking these photos is to minimise risk and to make ebay shopping as interactive and as 'real' as possible.

10. Invest in a decent camera- These days cameras are so cheap, I recommend one with a high optical zoom and a 2.5" lcd screen. They are often larger and not as convenient for travel but they are great for ebay photos. Also buy a 1gig memory card you'll be so glad you did!

Wow you made it to the end well done! Happy Snapping! X Tali  ~ My Messy Room

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